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Truth Matters

Truth Matters by Walter VeithAn authoritative book on the special messages of the Adventist Church, Truth Matters shows that we need not be discouraged by ridicule or the censure of the world.

Dr. Walter Veith gives a clear and thorough delineation of truth about these topics and more:

  • Biblical prophecy
  • the end times
  • the Second Coming
  • the Three Angels’ Messages
  • life after death
  • the New Age movement
  • the sanctuary message                                                                          

Complete with graphs, illustrations, and photos, Truth Matters is excellent for use in personal or group Bible study, or as a reference.

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The Genesis Conflict

The Genesis Conflict by Walter VeithIn this book, Professor Veith discusses the biblical perspective of the creation account and proceeds to provide evidence in support of the veracity of the Bible regarding its claims. The evolutionary and creationist paradigm are contrasted and alternative explanations for the origin of life, the geological column and the palaeontological record are presented with full color illustrations. Moreover, we are taken on a trip to ancient archaeological sites which speak to the trustworthiness of the Bible. Enjoy the clear and logical presentation of these popular and vital issues. In a time of compromise this book is a must-have for every serious Christian. An excellent resource for those seeking evidence for creation.

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Diet and Health Scientific Perspectives

Diet and Health Scientific PerspectivesIn an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Dr. Veith gives scientifically backed answers to some of the questions which plague people seeking a healthier lifestyle. What causes degenerative diseases such a cancer, cardiovascular disease and evenarthritis? What causes obesity and why is it seemingly impossible for some people to loose weight? Is it healthy to be a vegetarian, even a vegan vegetyarin who shuns all animal products including dairy products? What impact do food additives have on our health?

These and many other questions are discussed. This book extensively reviews the latest scientific findings, published in peer review journals, on the impact of diet on human health, and is written to benefit both the scientist and the layman. The book is unique in that it not only clearly describes the causes of degenerative human diseases, but also supplies information on how to implement a valuable alternative lifestyle.

The book concludes with a special recipe section containing tasty but healthy dishes.

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